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with Canadian golden age comics.

But hey, since most of you havent yet had the pleasure, let me fill you in!

In December 1940, Canada implemented a ban on luxury goods, including comic books, imported from the United States during wwii.

At the time, comic books were only a few years old, with Superman the best known character, appearing in 1938.

Children everywhere were devastated.

Unless they were the lucky few who went on vacations to the US, in which case they turned a tidy profit trading off their Superman comics for loose change.

Seeing the opportunity to produce comic books for a captive audience, publishers in Toronto and Vancouver raced to release the first Canadian comic books.

Some of these publishers smuggled US scripts from the US, drawing and printing Canadian editions from these scripts.

But most of the publishers decided to create their own content using local talent.

These ranged in quality, some were created by kids still in high school, others by struggling professional artists.

Not all were set in Canada, some of the stories took place conflict overseas and at least one character, Thunderfist, was identified as American (I consider him a reverse Wolverine!).

Ive been obsessed with these comic books for the better part of the last six years.

I wrote my undergrad papers on it, commissioned artists to fill my living room with new art of it, produced a documentary on the subject, and am now finally reprinting the original stories.

So let me tell you about some of my favourite characters from the Canadian Golden Age:.

Nelvana of the Northern Lights, shes an Inuit demi-goddess who fights aliens and Nazis in a miniskirt, sometimes on the back of a polar bear.

When shes not solving crimes with her rcmp platonic-buddy Corporal Keene that.

In other words shes all sorts of amazing, and completely patriotically Canadian.

And yes, she is putting Hitler in a leglock in the picture below.

Check out m for more info).
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