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Arab x hamster

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Arab x hamster
youll notice that they have thousands of videos in this niche with a good mixture between professional productions in Western countries and haram sluts that are doing very naughty things in Middle Eastern countries.

One thing I will mention is that some of the videos here are tagged as Arabic when in reality, theyre not: this sucks for the user and for me, its a bad way to organise content.

If youre going to let users upload videos, at least audit a few to make sure theyre not being tagged with everything!

The only other downside to xHamster is the fact that they made some dumb change a few months ago to remove simulated rape content from their site, explaining that anyone seeking that type of material should go and see a psychologist.

I fucking love simulated rape porn and the fact that youre trying to say I have a mental illness because of that makes me want to think twice about advertising your dumb ass.

So, fuck you xHamster: if you visit, make sure you put on AdBlock and use as much bandwidth as possible.

These jihadi sluts are worth enjoying, but dont let this site earn a penny!

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