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every American school.

The NRA is killing our children!

Shouted the first protester, after holding up a banner for several seconds, blocking PaPierres podium and making it appear, from one angle, as if LaPierre was holding up the sign.

NRA press conference: anti-gun activist ejectedAn NRA press conference has been interrupted by protester holding a banner shouting 'The NRA are killing our children'.

T16:25:01.000Z, a few minutes later another voice rang out: The NRA has blood on his hands!

Ban assault weapons now!

Both protesters were removed, and LaPierre carried on without acknowledging the interruption.

LaPierre called on Congress to fund a program to put armed guards at every school a National School Shield.

LaPierre said the NRA has among its members thousands of qualified instructors to help train new school officers, and he introduced former Congressman Asa Hutchinson to help lead the Shield program.
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