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, July 20, 2004, assessing THE situation, the color-coded maps on the right were generated in a program created by Adam Zaius, in his quest to assess the value of land on the continent Second Life, based on a complex formula of variables.

"Top number is the value of the sim Adam says, explaining the key to me in Instant Message.

"Next under it is the recommended value in L per square meters.

Brighter color means the sim has a higher value." He goes on to warn me that these should "be taken with a grain of salt since "I make no claim as to the overall accuracy of the outputted information at this stage.

However, it should provide a good base estimate.".

The screenshots depicted here were taken from a few days ago- Adam advises NWN readers to look at these, instead of going directly to the server address which generates the most up-to-date map.

"I dont want that server turning into a molten pile he warns.

"The map generation takes the thing to 100 CPU load for a few seconds each hit.".

The information for these calculations are dynamically taken in-world by a cube-shaped spider, says Zaius, "which collects the required data, then deletes itself.

Then e-mails all the collected data to a certain address, which a program I have written processes." The data is run through an off-world server, and in real time, you wind up with a thumbnail estimate for how much.

Pressed for more details, Adam tells me the formula he uses to calculate this ballpark sum, and offers some observations and advice, on current land speculation.

"The value is devised from a series of factors Adam says.

"Specifically: - Proximity of land to nearest telehub (if there are multiple telehubs within the proximity, a bonus is added, an additional bonus for this factor is also given for proximity to the Ahern Welcome Area) Where new users- and presumably.

Number of allowable prims in the sim (the city sim, Luna, Oak Grove, are all given bonuses for having more than 15000 allowable prims.) - Rating of the sim (Mature tends to be 'worth' more.) - Number.

Being within the 'sweet spot' generates a bonus) - Land distortion (flat land is considered 'worth' more.) Flat land, Adam expands later, 'Makes terraforming to build a standard structure a lot easier.

I'm just making observations based on what tends to sell well, then documenting.' - Average sim Frames Per Second (less than 300 results in serious penalty, more than 300 results in a bonus) Higher FPS means smoother animation and clearer graphics.

Lease Period (if applicable; Luna has a two month lease period, which drastically lowers the land value) - Average value of retail sales (not highly influencial, /- L3/square meters maximum maximum) - Base value of land (L3/sqm) "The.

I'm working on factoring in the average citizen join-date for a sim, since sims with more older players tend to move towards being higher quality.".

The estimate, Adam adds, "does not provide details for particular plots; rather, an average of the entire sim." Nor does it take into account subjective value (for example, the amount a landowner is willing to pay for property which adjoins their home.

However I'm not going to standardize to that figure, until I have data on each of the 145 sim entries in the database.".

Of course, Zaius says, this estimate doesn't always jibe with the market as it exists now.
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