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Expert-suggested options for anal amateurs and more experienced couples.

Advertisement, used to be that enjoying anal sex was taboo for women.

If a couple did give anal a test drive, it was seen as a once-in-a-while experiencesomething a woman indulged in for her partner's sake, not because she actually enjoyed.

Lately, however, it seems that this script has been flipped.

An increasing number of hetero couples are adding anal sex to their playbook.

Slowly, anal is entering the mainstream.

And though it's not for everyone, more women are speaking out about the pleasure it brings them.

Historically, there was a pervasive narrative that anal sex is something women do for their t that myth is slowly getting erased, Alicia Sinclair, sex educator and CEO of online erotic boutique b-Vibe, tells, health.

Because of all the nerves and potential pleasure points inside and around the anus, anal play can be very pleasurable.

Whether it's your first time trying anal sex or you've experienced it before and are looking for some new ways to enjoy backdoor play, check out these expert-recommended positions.

Each makes anal sex comfortable, fun, and intimate.

(A little advice first: Enjoying anal means giving your body time to warm up and relax, plus using lots of lubricant.

Skipping these steps can cause discomfort or pain.

And if you don't know your partner's STI status, use a condom, no exceptions.).

Backside doggy style, when you think of anal sex, you probably think of the doggy style position.

Its not hard to understand why, Julia Margo, co-founder of UK-based sex toy company.

Hot Octopus, tells, health.

It offers easy entry, control to the partner being penetrated, and a pleasurable angle of penetration, she says.
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